Ex Saltatione



EX SALTATIONE is an international ensemble consisting of alumni and students of the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. In addition to a beautiful sound, its members are capable to illustrate their musical performance through historical dance.

EX SALTATIONE begins in March 2012 after the presentation of the baroque dance class of  Ricardo Rodríguez Miranda at the above mentioned conservatoire. In March 2014 the number of members increased and EX SALTATIONE took its definite existence after the presentation of some of the sections of VENUS’ ENCHANTMENT (L’aimable vainqueur and Orphée et Euridice).

From the Latin “out of the dance”, it describes literally the work of this group of musicians. Based on the relation between music and dance, they enlive the tradition of musician – dancer of the Renaissance and Baroque era and bring it to the audience of our present time.

In October 2014 Chiaranzana, based on a ballo, will take place at the conservatory. This is also a part of VENUS’ ENCHANTMENT. This time EX SALTATIONE will perform and try out the audience’s participation for the sake of exploring ways to bring Early Music closer to the public.

The realization of VENUS’ ENCHANTMENT will give the members of EX SALTATIONE the occasion to develop their talents up their maximum. The experience of this project is very valuable. Nevertheless, they deserve more support,  for example, concerts through a contract.

Visit http://exsaltatione.wix.com/exsaltatione

Email: exsaltatione@gmail.com

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